Lobsterperson's BACK!

As you know, we are going to carry on Alice and Benjamin's story.

But this is the final part of their story.

Hope you enjoy.


Alice and Benjamin set off on their adventure to get their food from the protected castle. They strolled along on the path towards the castle. Their journey would be hair-raising, scary and life-threataning, so they took a shortcut through the field. Two hours later, they made it there. They could see the guardian sleeping on the rooftop of the castle. They had to find a way to get inside. In a blink of an eye, Benjamin was running with his little teddy bear legs to what looked to be a lever. He pulled it. Then there was a loud crash PPPPPFFFFFFT! The huge gate hit the floor. Inside they could see some sort of orb. Alice dashed towards it and grabbed it. Then she tiptoed to Benjamin. "Hey, I got it!"

"Yes! Quick, get it home." So Alice ran home.Benjamin followed. Once they got home, Benjamin baught home an apple. But after two seconds, Benjamin dropped the apple.

"NO! My apple I was going to eat that." Then, the magical orb rained apples."So thats how it works!"

After that, Alice and Benjamin had food for the rest of their life.

The End

I hope you loved the three blogs of Alice and Benjamin.

Lobsterperson out