Week 9

In week 9 Sharman class has been learning about why taxes are important

and we watched a clip and why it was important was because: The queen

have servant (civil servants) who need to be paid,and depending if some

unfortunate people are poor or not they don't have to pay a lot but

maybe less than 100? It was very educational and we learned a lot about

taxes,(Loic is our tax man)



As i am a banker i get paid, 6 civil servants get paid a week

basically 40 Stoof's a week which is our currency. Loic ,Lora,

Ciran , Mahiya , Amy , And me get paid. which is roughly

around 240, We charge people 10 stoofs every week. If people

don't have money or forgot it at home for some reason, I

have to give them a loan,So they basically get stoofs, but if

they don't owe it in a week they will either be paying a fine or

they get a penalty.