The Martian

A spaceman accidentally gets stranded on Mars.The film is about how he survives and returns to Earth.

mark whatny was presumed dead after a storm hit his team on Mars, they left without him. The next day he found himself injured and alone. After dealing with his injuries he set about trying to figure out how to make contact with NASA and also how he was going to survive. He found some potatoes that he decided he would try and grow more, he made a hydrogen machine in a tent that produced condensation that he used to water his potatoe plants. He used his own pooh to grow the potatoes (yuck!!)

NASA saw on space Cramer's that the Mars rover was moving and realised the awful accident of leaving him behind.Mark dug up a old machine that was flown and dropped on Mars year's before and forgotten about, the machine was called pathfinder , it transmitted signals to one on Earth. Mark and NASA used this to communicate. Now they had to work out how to get him home.

His team that were flying home in there rocket used a boomerang effect around the Earth to collect food and fuel and rushed back to get him. He had to use the old rocket from years ago to fly off the planet and meet his team in space. As he was floating in space his team grabbed him and they all returned to Earh.

The end