Year 5 Curriculum Information


We will begin the term by focusing on number and place value; reading, writing and comparing numbers up to 1 000 000; rounding and converting measurements. We will then move on to focus on the 4 operations and to solve word problems involving each of these operations.

During the second half of the term, we will continue to develop our understanding of number as well as look at properties of shapes, including angles and ways of recording and interpreting data (tables, line graphs etc.) The focus towards the end of the term will be fractions and decimals.


English is linked to our topic work. We will read Michael Morpurgo texts based on the second World War and these will be used to inspire our writing. Further inspiration will be provided by our trip to Beaumanor in September.


In science, we will be looking at reversible and irreversible changes in different materials. We will investigate the processes involved in changes of state and we will work on developing our scientific skills; learning to plan, conduct and report on the results of our experiments.

Topic Work (CLJ)

Our first topic will be based around the new Mindfulness Garden within the school grounds. The children will reflect on the meaning of peace and ways in which it can impact positively on our group and individual learning. They will learn to develop their breathing skills as a method of relaxation and calm. Later in the term the focus

will shift towards geography and history as part of our work on WW2.

P.E is on Wednesdays

Spelling tests are on Tuesdays

Reading Homework

is due

in on Wednesdays

Please encourage your child to read at least x3 per week

Autumn Term 2017

Parents group will be on

Wednesdays 8:35-8:55,

beginning on Sept 6th

Homework is due in on