yellow orphion

this piece of paper is going

to take you on a jorney through

the yellow orphion [orphion luteus]

looks like a dragonfly but is actually

a type of wasp. Which is confusing

because unlike a commen wasp

when it stings it dosent give

any pain. You probly havent

seen them as they are

extremly rare read

on to find out more

about the yellow


what i look like

these strange beasts look like an orangy brown or

red or orange dragonfly .It is 20mm with long

graceful wings. The bum is long but thin and is

arched to give an agresive look . 6 long creepy legs

peer out from its body .its big puppy eyes look

at you through the darkness.

did you know

they can somtimes be found

in your local swimming pool

! It injects irrant which is the chemical

that makes you unconfortabal

now a quick gross fact they

kill and gut caterpillers

. Then lay there eggs in the corpse

WOW i bet he was gutted

habitat these beasts can be found in hegdegrows

.Possibly on the right day farms in the uk.

In the winter they are found in gardens or vegitated area


these majestic microscopic cuties

eat larvee ,moths, catterpillar guts

.but gets eaten by house spiders