Autumn 2 Homework

Maths and English homework is now set weekly through J2Homework. Each week, the children will have one piece of Maths homework and one piece of English homework and this will be set every Monday and will be due in for the following Monday. I will set the first pieces of weekly homework on Monday 2nd November. 

Please click on the help button below to watch the video on how to use J2Homework.

Topic Homework Options:

Maths and English Homework:

  • Talk to friends or family about their wartime or post-war memories or experiences. Write down or record their responses.
  • Write your name and a message using Morse code.
  • Research rationing and create a poster explaining it.
  • Research a WW2 recipe and make it at home. Write a review of the meal.
  • Research gas masks and make your own.
  • Design a poster persuading people to join the army.
  • Research and write a short biography about a famous character from WW2 e.g. Winston Churchill.
  • Research Anne Frank and write 10 facts about her.
  • Write instructions for citizens to follow during an air raid.
  • Create your own WW2 word search.
  • Make your own model tank.

Remember these are options. Choose 1 or more and email to me on the week commencing 14/12/2020 (last week before the Christmas holidays).

Our new topic is...

A Child's War