The story of Mcdonalds pizza


Mcdonalds tried to make their own pizza!

Sadly it didnt go as well as they planned.They made their own pizza oven that

would cook their pizza in just 6 minutes but that would mean that they would

have to put their pizza oven in all their Mcdonalds stores. NOT only that

but they would have to find space in their kitchen to PUT their new pizza ovens in! After that there was a drive thru issue...their pizza boxes couldn't fit

through the windows of the cars so the car windows would have to be

expanded! And then when people did the drive thru it took 11 mins to cook the pizza so the people in the drive thru had to wait and 11 mins was WAY too

long to wait in a drive thru! Soon people were angry about this and some

people even made ads against mcdonalds pizzas!

So Mcdonalds ended this!