Mini Zoo

Come and watch the video of the chicks hatching in Year 1.

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Terrific Talents

4th May - May Day (School closed)

15th May - RNLI visitors to Year 1

18th May - Salvation Army Assembly

20th May - Individual school photographs

22nd May - School closes for Half Term

What a talented bunch of boys and girls we have in Year 1. They are busy bees taking part in lots of fun, exciting activities after school. Some are budding actors and are rehearsing to perform 'Beauty and the Beast' with Mini Players, whilst others are members of Stage Coach.

There are also children that attend a variety of danced based classes, such as ballet and baton twirling.

Competitive sports such as karate, rugby, football and gymnastics are also very popular in our Year group.

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This term, our theme has been Mini Zoo. We have been learning about different animals. First, we found out about baby animals. Year 1 boys and girls now know that a baby cheetah is called a cub and a baby hamster is called a pup. Next, we learnt about the names of animals in Welsh. Do you know what these animals are? Neidr, ci, cath and bochdew?

We also used a Carroll Diagram to sort animals into different categories that we thought of ourselves. We had an exciting trip to Pets at Home too. We travelled on a bus which was very exciting! A lady called Lucy told us that guinea pigs and rabbits both need wood to chew to keep their teeth short.

Did you know this interesting fact? One of our favourite pieces of learning has been about Dr. Jane Goodall. We were fascinated by what she discovered about chimpanzees. Finally, Lawrence the chick farmer brought twelve special eggs to school. He put them in the incubator. We were so excited!

Click the chicken button below to find out more... The Year 1 learners have written a diary about the hatching chicks.

Sut mae'r tywydd?

This work has been

completed by the children

in Year 1, with word banks

as a guide. Therefore the

spelling and grammar is

age appropriate.