Mr Malambo's Visit to Blaenymaes

On 22nd September 2014, Headteacher of Namumu Primary School, Mr Luckson Malambo, arrived at our school. He spent the week in different classes, observing different parts of the curriculum being taught and trying our school dinners. On Monday, he spent the morning with Miss Mainwaring, joining in a Guided Reading session and going on a Kerbcraft session with Year 2.

He looked very smart with his suit and high-vis jacket on.

He had dinner at Den's Dinner.

On Wednesday he spent the morning in the forest with Reception. I don't know who had more fun... Luckson or Reception!

On Thursday, he spent the morning in Year 6, where they were exploring Arts and Words. Luckson enjoyed himself before leaving school and having lunch out. He then had a tour around the Liberty Stadium. On Friday we had a special assembly for him and the other three african headteachers.

Luckson left our school with lots of ideas that he could use in Namumu Primary School.