week : 2

This week we had to decide our name for our society . We had a lot of amazing names to choose from .We got into our groups from last time and we thought of a name that had a meaning representing our class. Our group thought of Starman . We all said our names and we had to vote for one the winner was it was ...... Sharganda

Ed Sharman



What name do you like best


The next day we had to make a flag for our society . I had to think long and hard because my flag could be the winning one . Firstly I thought of doing a small rectangle in the corner then I drew 30 little stars and 2 big ones .

Then i got red yellow and black and

i drew 6 lines and coloured the lines


On thursday we had to design our bank notes for 5 POUNDS ,

10 POUNDS , 20 POUNDS , 50 POUNDS . But firstly we had to think of a name for our money we had to choose a name for

A few good name our money in the end we choose ........................ Sharbu

-ck .

Starbucks ,


and there is many more

= = ?