Early one morning, Liv and I made our way down to the park. From the age of five, we have been going to that park; the biggest park in town. Every time we would go there, we always passed an abandoned mansion, which people say is haunted! (but I don't believe them)

After ten minutes, we decided to head down the park and disobey our mum's rule about not to go inside the mansion. To the left, and to the right, we could hear a man screaming as loud as a tom cat. Suddenly, I started to believe that it was haunted, so mischievously we wanted to explore more!

Although I was laughing, my heart was thudding. I felt scared and adventures at the same time. In the furthest corner of the room, was a grand piano and I played it... immediately it felt like I've entered a another world. I could see the abandoned mansion. I sprinted inside. There was a young lady, who was covered in white powder. She was as white as a ghost !!! It wasn't a time to stand and stare; it was a time to run. But I couldn't run; I couldn't move; I couldn't even breathe. Instantly, she was under the grand piano just like the one in the mansion. I thought to myself

"am I dreaming" I didn't have a clue what was going on. I asked what her name.

"My name is Leanne", she quietly replied. I asked what was happening

"the WWII is happening" I said "is this your house" she said "yeah". I could see liv she was shocked I couldn't believe it either.

Suddenly guns and bombs started to fire.

"Duck" screamed Leanne. I went under the piano, which had now become a Morrison shelter. BOOM! BOOM! Went the bombs, through the roof.At least she had a Morrison shelter under the piano. what kept us safe. She said "don't worry" what reminder me of when I was young my mum used to say that when I was scared then I feel asleep.

Five minutes later I woke up in my bed; in my room; in my house. I went down stairs and saw my sister Liv and my mum Kate along with coco my dog. I felt so relieved to be home with my fun family.

By Leah St Pierre

The mansion with a mystery