Outside, the wind whipped the snow across the roads.  Already you could barely see anything.  It was too cold to be out.  The snowstorm blindfolded the town, muffling the world in white silence.

Inside the warehouse, it was quite dark.  Years of dust had covered the windows with a thin layer and only a faint light filtered through.  Each footstep echoed, leaving behind a trail of footprints through the dust.  Boxes of different sizes were piled high, like strange towers.  Cobwebs hung between the boxes like lace nets.  An abandoned ladder lay at an awkward  angle across what looked like an old television set.  Its wires spilled out.  Max stood still for a moment and let his breathing settle.

It was then that he heard it.  The faintest of sounds – a floorboard creaked.  Then, another.  He stood quite still, his senses alert, straining to listen.  For a long while it was quite quiet – only the distant murmurings of the wind drifting snow.  Then somebody coughed …

Your setting description:

Looking out through the window you could see nothing all other than the pure white snow. It was cold outside you couldn't fell your toes or fingers. The snow was falling down so heavily it was covering the town in a beautiful white blanket. It was so peaceful outside you couldn't hear a thing.

The old abandoned warehouse was very dark and gloomy. The dust had gathered for years while the place was untouched. The Windows were covered in a thick film of dust and the light barely filtered through. There were mountains of boxes all different sizes piled like tower blocks. There were cobwebs full of spiders hanging everywhere you turn. The place was full of old tvs, bunches of cables, tools and wobbly ladders scattered around. He stood nervously looking around and taking it all in.

He was then startled by a sound, he heard in the distance. Was it creaky floorboards or the door blowing in the wind? He didn't move, he was listening so carefully, breathing slowly. He convinced himself that it was just the weather outside because the snow was falling so heavy but then he heard someone's footsteps coming from behind him.