Dun karm wrote the national anthem

Dun karm was born in Ħaż Żebbuġ 18th October

His mother and father were both from Ħaż Żebbuġ and came from a family of farmers

Whilst his mum was a housewife his father was a sailor so dun karm couldn't spend a lot of time with him

Dun karm's first school was Ħaż Żebbuġ primary state school

San gorg preca was born in Valletta 12th of February 1880 as the seventh of nine children of Vincent and Nathalie Ceravolo preca

His father was both a merchant and a health inspector

He received his baptism on 17th of February 1880 in the church of our lady of Porto salvo

Preca was a frail child due to a range of illnesses he had and in 1885 he almost drowned in the harbour but boatmen rescued him

In 1886 the family relocated to Ħamrun

He received both his first Communion at some stage in his childhood and then his confirmation on 2nd August 1888 in the parish church of ST.cajetan,Ħamrun

In 1798 French forces led by Napoleon Bonaparte took over the islands from the increasingly oppressive rule of Knights of Malta

Initially the populace accepted the change believing in the possibility of having a better government

he was born in 29th of September 1737 Żebbuġ Malta

He died in 17th January 1799 Valletta Malta

His occupation is a priest and political activist