The Fisherman and his Wife


The molar of the story is so you don't annoy same one else. If you annoy the person so much he can not be friend with you any more or he can hate you , and do not and they will not care about you any more. Don't be rode to the person or any one.



One fishermen is going in the sea

to keach fish. But one day he kea

ch one prince fish .The fish said to

let him go because he is giving

What everyone he wont. In the night

he go home with not fish. And his

wife is so made with him. And he

Search to the fish .he won't fish

The prince did it what he said

When he go home with fish the wife

was so happy with him. And she don't stop Search to him.

The characters of the story are

the fisherman was everyday fishing. the wife who always wanted wishes and the fish was

an enchanted prince

by Matthias, Lee, Desart