The extraordinary pancake.

Once there was a little old lady who was making delicious pancakes. As soon as her husband saw the yummy ready pancakes, he ate one! To their surprise, the other pancake formed a face and yelled, "Arrgghh! You are eating my friend! You are surely not going to eat me!" It jumped onto the floor and ran out the cottage as fast as his pancake legs would carry him!

The pancake kept running and met a cow. It was sad and scared and the pancake shouted "Arrgghh! you won't eat me!" It ran as fast as his little legs would carry him.

The pancake met with a goat who was eating grass. It panicked and kept running, ending near a pond where a swan was swimming. "Arrgghh! you won't eat me !" It almost fell in the pond. Luckily, a duck saved the pancake by holding it and avoiding it to touch the water.

The duck took it to her home with the baby ducklings. They started eating the pancake because they were hungry.