Last book I read in English


Published by Disney Press

Cinderella is one of my favorite Disney fairy tales and I have

read this book many times.

Cinderella was a very happy little girl until her mother dies

and her father married her step-mother who had two daughters:

Anastasia and Drizella. when Cinderella's father died, they

started to be very mean to her, moved her to the attic and made

her do all the house work.

One day all the family was invited to a Royal ball because the price was looking for a bride. Cinderella was very happy to go and found an old dress that belonged to her mother. Her tiny little friend mice helped her fixed it and she looked very beautiful. Her mean step mother and sisters ruined it for her so that she had to stay home. While Cinderella was in the garden crying her fairy god mother appeared and with her magic turned her in a beautiful princess.

The fairy god mother turned some of her animal friends into horses and coachman and a pumpkin into a coach. Cinderella could go to the ball but had only till midnight to leave and return home. She really had fun at the ball and danced with the prince. At midnight she had to run away from the palace and lost one of her glass shoes. The prince looked everywhere for the girl who was wearing that shoe but it didn't fit anyone. Then Cinderella tried it on and it fit. They were very happy and married.

Me dressed up as Cinderella when I was 4 years old