The school's Sports day

A Sports Day is a fun morning , afternoon or full day. The Sports day was on Thursday 28th May 2023 . It was held in the school's yard. Parents , siblings and family members were invited to participate in the Sports day.

We had seven stations with different activities . These included hurdles, football, bat and ball,

sack race , baseball , basketball and tug of war. our family members cheered for us and had banners supporting our class. The teachers were in the yard with us instructing us what to do to win the games.

The activities started at nine in the morning and finished at three in the afternoon. We had two breaks in between. Football and basketball were the most popular sports. I liked best the tug of war with the parents. We students won the game while the parents fell on their backs.

At the end of the event , everyone felt exhausted , swetty , proud and happy. Everyone learned not to give up. This event was memorable because we won a trophy each which I keep on a shelf in my bedroom.