Wednesday 26th

April 2023


Long Writing Task  Writing a report


The teacher has asked you to write report about the school’s Sports Day.  This will be published on the school’s Facebook page.  Write the report.  This writing frame can help you.


Sports Day

The last sport day was in the after noon. Sports day is very athletic so it needs to be held on the school field or on the tracks. Most schools in Malta hold their sports day in spring term because it rarely rains and it is not very hot.


Competition time

Last time we had a sports day it was held on Thursday 25th May. 

Our school normally has a competitive sport day with the winning team

which scores the most points for their team and getting first place, wins a

trophy and a certificate. If you get in second place, you might earn a medal,

and for third you might get a rosette. This year the winning team was 5.1 who scored 10,second place was 5.4 and third was 5.2.


Families and activities

The toddler race which are for the younger kids and siblings started from 9:00am till noon. The adult race started at 1pm and ended at 3pm. The toddlers’ race have seven stations which include hurdles, football, bat and ball and much more. As for the adults’ race in which parents take part in have much harder stations like the three-legged, sack,egg and spoon.


What I loved the most

My favourite parts were when we played football and basketball but the most hilarious part was watching our parents doing the sack race.