Learning Outcomes

All children: will enter information onto a bar chart of their favourite meal.

Most children: will collect information and create a bar chart.

Some children: will choose and collect information to produce their own bar chart.

Cross curricular links


Interpret and construct simple pictograms, tally charts, block diagrams and simple tables

Main Activities

Open J2data and click on the bar chart tile. Show the children how to type a list of meals into the table. Ask the children which meal is their favourite and count how many choose each one. Show the children how to enter the numbers in the table.

Discuss what can be seen on the bar chart and ask questions such as ‘How many children like pizza?’

Choose a different set of meals and count how many choose each one.

Task 1

Open J2data and charts. Enter the meals and numbers into the table. Give your bar chart a title.


Children can choose the subject of their bar chart and collect the information themselves. e.g. they may go to other classes to collect data and then come back to class to create their bar chart.

Follow up activities

Children can explore presenting their information as a pie chart or a block graph. Children could create a line graph showing how seeds have grown over time.


Explain to the children that you want to find out which meals are the children’s favourites and which are the most popular. Explain what a bar chart is.


Children can save their work enabling the teacher to assess what they have produced after the lesson. The bar charts can be printed out and the children can answer given questions. The children can think of their own questions and use these to question each other.

The work can also be blogged. The children can then peer assess and leave comments. In order for the children to do this, the work will need to be moderated by the teacher. Children’s comments can quickly and easily be approved as the children write them.

Learning Objectives

Use technology purposefully to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content.

Bar Charts