Summer plans

My plans for this summer are going to be fun with my aunty and cousins. Due to Covid-19 this summer is going to be a bit different.

From Monday to Friday I am going to spend them with my aunty and cousins since my parents have to go to work so my aunty and I are planning to go 3 times a week to the beach , to the museums, we can go for a ride to take an ice-cream . In the evening we take a break and go for a walk near the sea . During weekends we play on the roof and do a barbecue . Before I sleep, I read a story to my cousins . In August I am going to take a long break and go to a vacation to my aunt in Cologne, Germany. We are going to visit Anne Frank's house museum in Amsterdam. I am going to spend a day in my aunt's pool jumping and having fun . In September I will be back to Malta and see my brother receive his first holy communion and will prepare our educational school teams.

I will pray and hope that my aunt comes to Malta safe and sound and I will pray that our lives will soon get back to normal .