What is the name of the article: Built for thrills!

Who wrote it: Mara Grumbaum

The article is about rollers cossters and the excitement that you feel.A new coaster opening this summer at Six Flags Great Amirica in lllinois.The name of the new coaster is Maxx Force.Maxx Force will launon rides from 0 to 126 kilomiters(18 miles) per hour in just 2 seconds.It takes a team of engineers to build a roller coasters like Maxx Force.He's been designing rides at six flags to more than 20 years.You need to understand physics to create a ride that's both fun and safe.In the 1600,people in Russia built ice-covered ramps up to 21 meters(16)tall.They pushed sleds to the top.Over time,engineers replaced the sleds with wheeled carts.In 1884,one of the first tooler coaster,called the Gravity pleasure.Engineers been watching coasters faster,traller,and more exciting ever since.Modern steel tracks allow engineers to build.Most coasters use a motorized cable to pull cars up to the first hill.As riders tip downward gravity takes over.According to thompos you may even feel like you're leading your guts behind.To design a new coaster,engineer like Sthellhorn plot out the truck.Seeming how the dummies move allowed engineers to fix problems.It will open to the public after that.I get do things daily.