Once there were two friends called Emily and Tom. One day the two friends were discovering the woods when they came to a well. This was an abandoned well that had no water inside. Suddenly they heard strange noises coming from the well, Emily and Tom were scared but they were too so they got their ropes and used them to go down the well. Finally they got down and Tom noticed a minatour on a rock crying. They got really scared of him but the minatour told them he was harmless. The kids asked him why was he there and the minatour told them he used to be a normal man but really selfish, then once a witch wanted to borrow a broom but he refused to so then the witch changed him into a minatour. They asked him why was he living there and he told them that people made fun of him. Suddenly Tom told Emily it was time to go but they kept this a secret and visited him every month.

The End

Nicole Genovese 6.2 Athens