This poster will demonstrate how different animals see, from horses which we see everyday to lethal sharks that could tear you to bloody ribbons within a second.


Horses have their eyes pointing sideways.This assists them in being conscious of predators as their significant eyes give them a peripheral view.One of the disadvantages of their beneficial eyes is that they have a blindspot in front of their eyes,so it looks like there is a long black pole in the middle of whatever they see.Another disadvantage is that they lack binocular vision, which makes the eyesight inferior to humans.Also,their colour vision is rather poor; they mostly see in shades of grey.

Shrimp and crabs:

Shrimps and crabs have the least developed vision.They have similar eyes like an insects.Luckily,these types of animals are good at picking up signals from movements in their surroundings.This is one of their best defences against predators.A mantis shrimp(a close relative to the crab and lobster family)is very different from its brothers.Mantis shrimps are thought to have the best eyesight in the whole world!They have 16 photoreceptors; they can also see three different lights:UV, visible and polarized.WOW!

Dog and cats:

These loving and adorable pets are colourblind.They can only see in very pale shades of colours,but it is scientifically proven that their peripheral and night vision is superior to our vision.However,as dogs were meant to hunt for food and a living,these traits were actually helpful before humans adopted them as pets.


A shark's eyesight is very similar to ours.We both have a retina,lens,iris,cornea and pupil in each eye however,we see things very differently.As they do not have retinal cones,they cannot detect colours.On top of this,a sharks eye is designed to pick up as much light as possible so they can see through the water.Their vision is not as sharp as ours,even though they can see for up to 60 metres.


Snakes have "two eyes":they use one pair for the day and use their "other pair" at night.The "other pair" are pit organs;they can sense infrared heat signals from their surroundings.Their normal eyes are very dependent on movement.They have been known to ignore prey during the day.