My ears were twitching,ravenous for cries.Three days without victims.Three days without puny attempts to cross the bridge.Fury surged through my veins.Encompassed by muddy walls,which were smothered with dead leaves,I looked above.The dazzling silver orb rested in the inky black sky like a pearl in an oyster.Silence.Just the sound of the birds singing the ear-piercing so called "melodies".I banged my fist on the world,going ballistic.Isolation engulfed me as I attempted to come up with a sly plan if anyone were to come.Abruptly,a distant voice broke my reverie.I jumped in surprise:victims,finally!Slowly,trying not to make any sounds,I began to saunter to the source.

"We shall not go any further.We do not know what things lurk in the darkness below."said one of the three brothers.I presumed he was the oldest.

"What is that foul stench!"exclaimed the smallest brother,pinching his nose and wafting the air.I

I couldn't hear the rest of the conversation:they whispered in a bid to avoid detection.After a few minutes,they started to gesticulate their wands and then,at the same time,I came up with one of my cunning plans as sly as a fox.Up above,I could see that the three creative brothers had created a bridge.Well,if i do say so myself,this was the cleverest attempt.But,as they were halfway on the bridge,I jolted up,coming face to face with the brothers.I felt cheated.Cheated because travellers would normally drown.They suddenly stepped back,shocked.My eyes locked with the oldest.A cunning smile was plastered on my face.

"Now,now boys.As a reward for being so intelligent,I will give you anything you request."I said,coaxing them into my trap.

The eldest brother came first,taking small steps.

"I ask for the most powerful wand in existence."he requested.

I stirred a wand from an elder tree nearby.He walked around me,cautious of the distance between us.The second brother proceeded forward.

"I ask for the power to recall the love ones from their grave."

I plucked a stone from the river and offered it to him. Finally, I turned to the last brother. A humble man, he asked for something that would allow him to go forth from that place without  being followed by me. And so it was that I reluctantly handed over my own Clock Of Invisibility.What a smart man!

"Praise the lord!" shouted the three brothers,in unison.

Little did they know they were tricked...