Brighthouse Road


D30 1BO

Dear Mum,

How have you been?I hope you are all right.Have you heard from dad lately?Hopefully he isn't missing in the action in France.I'm hoping I am not staying here for very long.I do enjoy it,but I miss you very much.I hope you are coping well without me.I can stay here until the war ends:the people who are looking after me are very compassionate and affectionate.The day I got picked will stay in my mind like a stubborn stain on a shirt.This is the hardest thing I have ever accomplished.I was strong enough to overcome my most feared fear.

As I was sitting on the on the swift train(anxiously with my bony fingers trembling)I saw lots of hands elegantly fluttering like a butterflies wing.Agonising cries pierced through my ears.As the journey started,I saw a boy,who was looking out of the window,his eyes glimmering.I could tell he was crying.I tried to ask him what was wrong,but i didn't hear a peep out of his pale and scrunched up lips.Saying goodbye to you was the hardest thing I have ever done.It took a lot of courage but I still managed to do it.As my eyes peered out of the window,many things aroused my curiosity.I saw this four-legged creature.Black and white blotches covered this magnificent thing I believe they call 'cow'.I started to develop a lump in my throat.I found out I was missing you dearly,so I looked out of the window to avoid salty water droplets rolling down my cheek.As I could feel the train decreasing in force,there was only one question in my mind;Who was going to pick me?

The train came to an abrupt halt.Seconds after the train had stopped,half of the children were gone(most of them were muscular and brawny).The only people who were left were skeletal children,like me.As I started to look for any people approaching,a man-who had a stern look and a thick,British accent-looked at me as if I meant anything in the world."Is this all ya got?" he replied."I'll take him." He pointed at me with his short minuscule finger.I gulped loudly,so loud that it echoed in the colossal billeting office.He wrapped his hand around my neck like a scarf,but this was no scarf.He shoved me forcefully out of my seat and held my hand tightly with paper-white knuckles.My new host family was going to be the worst:Mr and Mrs Paul...

I walked to my new home,hundreds of thoughts floating in my head.As Mr Paul opened the door,my eyes witnessed the unbelievable.My new house was majestic,with pictures of celebrations and happiness.Make yourself at home lad,"Mr Paul said,his voice full of gratitude.My mouth,which was straight,formed into a curve.As I approached the living room,my eyes spectated a sofa which was colored brown and knitted with a red string.I launched myself on the sofa,experiencing the time of my life.The comfortable sofa moulded my shape.I heard footsteps coming closer and closer.It was Mrs Paul."Would you like anything?" she enquired.I replied politely with a no thanks.After that,she lead me to my new bedroom."Here you go,"she said.My new bedroom was much more better than back home Mum!A complete bed set was topped with extra clothes for my stay.Mrs Paul also showed me around the beautiful house.Mr and Mrs Paul are really caring and act as if I'm their actual son.Outside the house is lush green grass encompassing a still reservoir.I'm looking forward to have a dip.I've even made a couple of friends here.We normally have races and play ball games on the grass.It is much better here,Mum.I can enjoy breathing in fresh air and not polluted smoke.Instead,you can hear birds tweeting gracefully and not angry motorists beeping their deafening horns.

I love it here,Mum.Don't worry about me.It will only make your grief expand and my happiness shrink.I'm in safe hands.I hope I don't stay here for long.I love my host family,but I miss you the same amount.