A Mad Tea-Party

esentfully Alice walked towards the Mad Hatter.

"Oh it's the confusing little girl from yesterday!"exclaimed the Mad Hatter.

"You're the confusing one here, all of you are."Alice announced,"and you have no right to call me confusing!"

"OK lil' missie no need to get your noggin worked up, just sit down for a cuppa and we can talk through this."said the March Hare.

"Ok she can sit with us, only if she can answer my riddle."said the Mad Hatter.

"I'll do it."she said

"Ok,Give Me food,and I will live.Give me water,I will Die.

What am I?" asked the Mad Hatter

"Hmm...Wait I got it,it is fire!"Alice shouted.

"Correct, but I can't let you sit with us."The Mad Hatter said between laughs

Alice was now furious"WHAT! So I answered that stupid riddle to be humiliated? Well i wouldn't want to sit with you insolent people even if I was paid to!!!!" she screamed.