Hot keys
on Windows, press
Ctrl key,
on Apple press the
apple key key

A - select all
B - bold
C - copy
F - find
I - italic
N - new
O - open
P - print
S - save
U - underline
V - paste
X - cut
Y - redo
Z - undo
- increase scale
- - decrease scale
0 - scale 100

F1 - help index
Other keys
Select an object, and the
cursor keys will move it around the page.
Ctrl for faster movement.

While creating a shape,
Esc will abandon the shape.
Enter will complete the shape.

Mouse actions
Left click
over paper, places caret to type new text.
over text, places caret in text.
over object, selects object.

Double click
If caret in text, will object select text.
If text object selected, will place caret in text.
Or will select object below currently selected object.

Ctrl click will extend the selection.

Alt drag zooms in on area.

Drag selects objects.
Ctrl Drag selects only objects completely contained in dragged area.

arrow shadow arrow
While in the j2e editor...