1. We restrict video files to 500M, as files larger than that do not typically work well in an educational envronment. 

2. Files that are larger than 500M (or even sometimes smaller if your computer does not have a lot of memory) can cause a problem where the browser reports "Aw Snap". We are looking into whether there is any way we can put up a more useful message when this happens

3. 500M allows for quite long videos, but the key here is how they are saved in the first place. As an example, a 5 minute video from a iPhone can be as large as 600M but with some compression (it still looks and sounds fine) it is only 30M, which implies you could upload a video of around an hour if properly compressed.

4. If you are taking the videos using iPhones or iPads, we would strongly recommend using the free j2Launch app, as this performs the compression for you automatically.

5. If you are using a different video recorder, when the video is saved there are normally options to compress the video, and these should be used to create a video certainly less than 500M in size, and ideally closer to 100M. Smaller videos will upload and playback much better in an online environment. If there is no option when saving the video, use an online video compressing service.

6. We support most common video formats and convert them on our servers so that they will play on all modern devices. However, the best format, if it is available, is mp4 as this will work most efficiently.

Useful information for uploading larger video files