using colour
The colour bar
The j2e colour bar is unique and has a patent pending. It has a simple linear form that allows it to sit neatly on the right of the window. No extra colour picker window is required.

Selecting a colour
First select the object or text that you wish to colour. Use the tool panel to choose what colour will be set, for example for shapes you can set either the outline, or the fill colour. Do this by clicking on the rectangular colour patch, so that a triangle appears by the side of it.

Now, simply select the hue (rainbow colour) from the colour bar. The lower colour bar will then show darker and lighter versions of this colour, which you can select if you wish.

If no object is selected, then you will set the background paper colour.

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The used colour tools
Once a colour has been used on a page, it will appear as a colour square in the bottom right of the window. This makes it easy to see the colours that have been used, and to reuse the same colour on another object.

In addition, if you decide you want to change all your existing blue items to red, you can right click on the 'colour square' and adjust its colour. This will be updated everywhere that colour is used. When you right click, you will also see a menu of predefined colours.

The colour pickup spot
To the left of the colour squares is a very special colour circle. This has a patent pending. Whenever the pointer remains still over the screen for two seconds, the colour under the pointer is detected and placed in this circle. Click on this circle to use the colour on any selected objects, or text.

This is very powerful for picking out colours from photographs, to make colour coordinated frames or text.
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