laying out your work
The Grid
In the view controls is a tick box 'grid'. Selecting this will show a grid on the page to help you align and size your work. The grid can be in mm or inches. 'Snap' will make objects snap to exact positions, ideal for positioning and sizing.

Objects on a page are on different layers. The most recently added object is on the top layer, and shows above other objects. To change the layer an object is on, use the 'layer' buttons at the bottom of the tool panel.

Arrange tools
The arrange tools let you align and size objects relative to each other. The three ellipses above have been aligned and equally spaced.

You can also grade and interpolate from the arrange tools, as shown in this rectangle

Zoom and scale
Set the scale using the 'scale' drop down in the view tools. 'Page width' is useful for editing. 'Whole page' is useful for print preview.

If you select an object, you can use the 'zoom' button in the tool panel to show that object in detail. Click again on the 'zoom' button to zoom out again.

You can also zoom in by pressing down the 'alt' key and dragging out an area. Use the 'zoom' button to zoom back out.
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