using pictures
Loading a picture
Click on the 'picture' button to load pictures.

Initially this will show the folder on your hard drive that is pointed to by the Picture folder field in my account -> my settings -> my defaults. Navigate around your hard disk and select the picture you want.

If you want to select several pictures from the same folder, then simply drag pictures from the preview window onto your work.

library pictures
Selecting the 'library' tab, will show pictures that have been shared in the j2e library. Use the search field, and the sort field to try and find a suitable picture.

Fun with pictures
Fancy outlines
Select your picture and on the tool panel you will see a drop down list that says 'rectangle'. If you click on this list, you will see all sorts of fancy shapes that you can shape your picture with. We have chosen 'stamp'.

When the picture is selected, some of the shapes have small pink control circles. Use these to do things like change the number of points on a star. If you look carefully, you will see that some shapes have two control points that do different things.

Make your own mask
You can mask your picture with any shape or text. Use the 'add object' tool to create a shape. Move this over your picture and select 'is mask'. You will have to remove the shapes fill colour in order to see your masked picture.
undo shadow undo redo shadow redo arrow shadow arrow picture P7280013.JPG draw P7280013.JPG j2e-Colour-3D-logo-150w.png