minimum requirements
What do I need to run j2e?
j2e runs in a web browser, eg Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera 9.64 or later.

It also requires the Java plugin. To run j2e you must have Java version 1.5 or later installed . j2e will run in any web browser that supports Java 1.5 or later.

How do I know if my browser supports Java 1.5?
Go to and follow the instructions.

Which operating systems?
j2e will run on any operating system that supports a browser as detailed above. (Mac-OS versions 10.39 or earlier do not support Java 1.5.)

How about hardware?
j2e will run on any hardware that will run a browser as detailed above.

technical support
We pride ourselves on being a friendly, approachable company. We promise to talk to you in plain English, so call or email:


phone: 01335 370579

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