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Saving your work
Click on the 'floppy disk' button to save your work. If you are not signed in, you will be asked to sign in. Your work will be saved to the j2e server, making it safe and secure, as well as still being accessible from any web browser.

Give your work a sensible name so that you can easily find it again. You can even create folders on our server, to help you organise your work.

Sharing your work
By default, work is saved so that it is private to you. Only you can see your work after signing in.

You can share your work with individual users, groups (eg your school or class) or with everyone. You may also submit your work for 'show case' or 'templates', and share with everyone in the j2e community. Save your work, then click on the 'share' button to begin.

Saving as paper or web page.
Pages can be saved as 'paper' or 'web page'. Paper is best for pages that you want to print out. To share your page on the Internet, select 'web page'. It will then show in browsers without the need for java.

Saving documents containing pictures
Documents are saved fairly quickly, but if they contain large pictures, it will take some time for them to upload to our server. A message will appear - saving x%. Until this message disappears, your pictures are not fully uploaded. If the connection breaks, the next time you use this computer to sign in to j2e, we try to upload any incomplete pictures.

Saving locally
If you wish to save your document to your hard disk drive, first select 'allow local file sharing' in your account settings. Then, on the save window, select 'local files', choose a folder, and save. Beware, that if you do this, your file will not be backed up by j2e, and it will not be available on the web.

Loading your work
Sign in, and click on the 'open folder' button to load any of your files.

Use the search and sort fields to help you find the file you want quickly.

j2e never throws away an old version of your work. Click on 'revisions' to see earlier versions of your work. This is useful if you make a mistake and want to revert to an earlier version, or if you want to see the history of how a document developed.

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