using shapes
Loading shapes
Click on the 'shapes' button to load predefined shapes. Initially this will show 'clever shapes', click on 'library' to see shapes that have been shared in the j2e library.

Clever shapes
Clever shapes have some very special properties. When you place one of these shapes on your paper, and select it, you will see one or more pink control points. These do different things on different shapes, for example on the star to the left, we have used it to change the number of points.

Selecting 'library' shows shapes that have been shared in the j2e library. Make full use of the search and sort fields to quickly find the shape you want. (If you can't find the shape you want in the library, create your own new shape, and share it for others to use.)

Editing shapes.
Shapes can be edited, moving their points, or changing their curves. To do this, first select the shape and make sure that 'editable' is ticked. This will show the control points as red circles, click on one to change the shape. When you do this, you get different tools in the panel to the right.

Creating a new shape.
If you can't find the shape you want, you can try to draw it. Click on the 'new object' button, and select 'shape'. Then click to add the points. Click 'finish' on the tool panel to complete your shape. After you have created the shape you can edit it as above.

Fun with shapes.
Graduated fills
As well as applying flat colour, you can select 'gradient' for an interesting affect. Try playing with 'cyclic' as well, and use the control arrow to change the effect.

Add drop shadows or 3D shadows just by clicking on the tool panel. Look out for the 'pink circles' that control the direction of the sun.

undo shadow undo redo shadow redo star star engine dolphin rectangle star burst shadow star burst shapes arrow shadow arrow draw 3D 3D j2e-Colour-3D-logo-150w.png