sharing pages
Getting started
First save your work then click on 'share' button.

Your page is either 'private', 'password' or 'publish'.

Share your pages with everyone by clicking 'publish'. The web address of your page is shown at the top of the window. Tell people this for them to view it.

'in show case', select this if you think your work is a good example of j2e. If we agree, the file will be shared with everyone in the 'library'. If you think that your work is a useful template, select 'in templates'.
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Manage Groups
This option lets you create, delete and edit groups of friends to allow for easier sharing.

First add a name for a new group, and then add email addresses or j2e user names into the group. You may share a file (or picture or shape or sound) with the group.
Share with friends
Share with friends is more special. The friends will need to have a j2e account. You can share 'private' pages with friends.

Select the 'share with friends' tab.

Type in the email, or j2e username, of your friend. Click on 'invite', you will be asked if you want to send an email to tell them about your page.

Once invited, your friend will see your page listed under 'shared files' on the 'open' window.

You may also invite groups of people eg your class, school, or groups of friends you have set using 'manage groups'.

You can see who you have shared this page with in the box below. You can let them view, edit and even save your page.

Sharing photos, shapes and sounds.

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