sharing shapes and photographs
Sharing pictures
If you take some photographs that you think are useful to others, you may share those. First save the work that contains the photograph. Select the photograph and click on 'share picture' in the tool panel.

You can either 'Publish' in the 'library' or 'Share with friends'.

You should only publish photos that are of general interest, not family snaps! Also, they must be your own photos, or ones that you are certain do not infringe any copyright.

Sharing shapes

If you design a shape, and think it useful for someone else to use, you can share it.

Select the shape, and then click on the 'share shape' button in the tool panel.

First you must give the shape a sensible name, and select 'save shape'.

You can either 'Publish' in the 'library' or 'Share with friends'.

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Adding tags
When you publish pages, photos or shapes, it is a good idea to add tags to help people find them.

You add tags by right clicking over the page, photo or shape when in an 'open' or 'choose' dialogue.

When you search for a file or picture, the tags are used as well as the file name.

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