getting started
What is just2easy?
j2e is an On-line word processor, desktop publisher, web page creator and form creator, designed for education. Use it for all your word processing needs, for example, homework and worksheets, as well as web publishing.

With j2e, all your documents have their own unique www address. Which means, as well as accessing them from any web browser, you can easily share them, with teachers, pupils, family and friends.

Finding the edit tools
j2e pages have two modes. Web view and edit view. To edit a page you must be in edit view, when you will see a tool panel to the right.

If you are in web view, move your mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen. A small tool bar may appear at the bottom left of the window. If it does, click on the 'edit page' to go to 'edit view'.

If the tool bar does not appear, you may be viewing a page saved 'as html', like this one. To take html pages to 'edit view', add '?edit' to the page address in the browser, and press enter. Try it now on this page. (show me).

In 'edit view' you can add and move shapes, photos and text. After editing a page, you need to save your changes to make them permanent. Press the 'save' button.

Registering and signing in
Register and sign in by clicking on the 'sign in' button in the top left of the window.

New users must 'register' first. Follow the instructions on the dialogues that appear.

For a school account the default user name is Admin, see 'tips for teachers'.

Getting a blank page
To get a blank page, click on the 'new' button. To get back to your previous document use the browser back button.

The new document button also list various templates to help you with standard tasks. You can also type for an instant blank page.

Finding help
These help pages can be found by clicking on the 'i' button, and selecting 'help' on the 'about' window. Or you can find them directly at

If you have a question, you can join our forum and post it there, letting the j2e community help, share and learn. Press the 'forum' button on the 'about' window.

Finally you can send comments directly to us the j2e team, by pressing 'feedback' on the 'about' window.

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