tips for teachers
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Tracking pasted text (not yet available)
This patent pending feature allows you to easily see how much of a document was typed, and how much was pasted. Depending on where it was pasted from, you may also be able to see it's url. This gives a good insight to the amount of work done in constructing a document.

Marking children's work (not yet available)
This feature allows you to overlay a child's document with your own comments and marks. The child will be able to see your markings when they look at the document, but the markings will not show up on the web. You will see your markings every time you look at that document.
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Setting up a school account
The first thing to remember is that the user name for the person who registered the account is Admin. Admin has authority to add, delete and change other users.

Click on 'my account' then 'my settings', now select the 'users' tab. You may now add, delete or edit users. Note that new users get created with a password set to 'password'. The first job a child should do is change this to something more secure.

With anything but a very small school it will be easier to load a csv file of pupils details onto this users window. Click on the '?' button on the window for more information, or here. As administrator you can create other administrators with authority to do anything, teachers who can view pupils work, or pupils with no added authority.