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Things you might not find
Most things that you can do with j2e become obvious when you select an object. A few things are not so obvious, they are listed here.

To zoom in on an area, drag out the area while holding down the alt key.
Once zoomed in, clicking on the zoom key.

Drag select some objects, you can then scale and rotate them as a group.

On the save and load windows you can drag and drop files to place them inside folders.

When an object appears above another object, it is sometimes difficult to select the underlying object. If you double click repeatedly over the object, you will find that eventually you will be able to select it.

You can set your preferred values for font and size by my account -> my settings -> my defaults.

When rotating an object, if the pointer is inside the rotation shape, rotation will snap to 15 degree intervals. Move the pointer outside the rotation shape for free rotation.

You can make a copy of any object easily, by pressing down Ctrl as you drag the object. A new copy is left behind.

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