Thursday 18th June

Maths - Directions

Warm up - Play follow my leader. Follow and adult while they move. When they turn left, shout left, when they turn right, shout right etc.

Now can you ask an adult to hide something for you to find.

You must listen to their instructions and follow them.

e.g. walk forward 5 steps, turn left, walk forward 2 steps, turn right, hop forward 1 step etc.

Remember to use stickers on your hands or feet to remind you of your left and right.

Topic - Welsh

Can you learn the names of the parts of the body and face by listening and learning the Welsh song for Heads Shoulders knees and toes?

Literacy - Storytelling

Can you make your own story, using the same pattern as 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'? Instead you could go on a pirate hunt, or a dinosaur hunt or even a mermaid hunt.

If you wanted to, you could change the obstacles in the way by using some of the sounds you heard on your sound walk. e.g. 'uh oh, birds, lots of birds! We can't go over them, we can't go under them, oh no we have to go through them. Cheep, cheep, flap, cheep,cheep, flap.

Draw a story map to help. (no need to write)