Tuesday 23rd June

Literacy - Describing

Look at a variety of fruit. Maybe you have

some of the fruit that Handa had in her basket.

Can you name them?

Can you describe them?

How do they feel? smooth, bumpy, cold, spiky...

What shape is it? round, curved...

How big is it? How heavy is it?

Now can you have a game of 'Guess the fruit? Ask an adult to play along with you. Put the fruit in a feely bag. Pick one to describe. Can you guess what it is?

Maths - weighing (Heavy & Light)

Can you watch this cartoon about


Now can you make your own balance

like one of these to help you measure?

Or maybe you could use a seesaw if you have one in your


Now can you measure some fruit or different objects found around your home. What happens to the balance when the object is heavy? What happens if it is light?

Topic - Observational drawing

Can you make a collection of fruit to draw?

Look carefully at the shapes, size and position of the fruits.

Colour using some pencil colours.