Wednesday 24th June

Literacy - Story Telling

Can listen to the story again?

Can you make some stick puppets to help you retell the

story? Maybe you could make up your own story.

Pictures to print or draw your own.

Maths - Weighing (Heavy & Light)

Can you use your balance to find things that are heavier/lighter than an object.

e.g. If you have an assortment of fruit can you find fruits that are heavier/lighter than an apple?

Can you record your answers

under the heading?



Topic - Fruit tasting

Can you try out some different fruits?

Maybe you can try some fruits from the story or fruits you haven't tried before?

What is your favourite fruit?

What is your least favourite fruit?

Can you use your fruit to make this African Surprise?

Maybe you could make a fruit salad with your

favourite fruits?

Or maybe another fruity recipe!!!

e.g. a fruit smoothie or fruity muffins.