Topic - Forces 'Push & Pull'

Have a look at the toys or games you have? How do you play with them? Can you make them move? To make something move you need to apply a force. Do you need to push or pull them or maybe both?

Try some of these objects out?


Monday 29th June

Literacy - News

I hope you all had a lovey weekend!

What did you get up to?

Maths - Find 'one more'

Can you play the shopping game?

You will need a number line to help.

Play the memory game 'Jasper went to the toy shop and bought...' Take it in turns to repeat the list so far and add on new toys.

Nursery children can you play again? This time, whenever a toy is added, talk about how many toys jasper has bought. Use a number line to keep track of the number of items.

Reception children can you play again and add two toys: For example, "Jasper went to the toy shop and bought 2 dolls", then " Jasper went to the toy shop and bought 2 dolls and 2 robots..." Use the number line to keep track.

Our activities this week will be based around

the story 'Just like Jasper' by

Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen