Topic - Toys in the past

Can you find out what your parents played with when they were younger?

Maybe you could ask your grandparents too?

Click on the spinning top to see some of the toys I used to play with when I was a little girl.

This is a very old toy. It is called a Cup and Ball.

You had to try and catch the ball in the cup.

Maybe you could try and make this ball and cup game.

Click on the image for the instructions.


Tuesday 30th July

Literacy - Oracy

Can you tell me about your favourite toy or game you have?

Could you take a photo of it and upload it on JiT? Could you record a message telling me what it is and why it is your favourite toy?

Maths - Find 'one more/ one less'

Can you play 'How many pennies in the purse?'

Nursery - you will need to make some cards to turn over. 5 with smiley faces and 5 with sad faces or make a dice with these faces on, a purse and some pennies.

Start by shuffling your smiley face cards. Now with a purse with 5 pennies in it, turn a card over. If it is a smiley face add a penny, if it is a sad face take a penny out. Count the pennies each time you add and take away from the purse. Once all the cards have been turned over count the pennies in your purse.

Reception - Make two dice. One marked with + and - and the other marked with 1,2,3. A purse and some pennies.

Start with a purse and 5 pennies in it. Roll the dice to find out how many pennies to add or take away. Can you work out the answers using your fingers, a number line or work the answers out in your head

dice template