Topic - Making slime!

Some of you in class love playing with slime!!!

Can you make your very own slime?

Click here for the instructions.

Use your slime to prctise writing your name, letter formation or tricky words. Have fun!


Wednesday 1st July

Literacy - Making a birthday card.

It was Jasper the cats birthday. Could you

make a birthday card for Jasper?

Decorate the front of your card and then write a message inside.

Nursery - Can you ask an adult to help write your message and you can sign the card with your name?

Reception - Can you try and write your own message?

Click on the card to see and template to help you.

Maths - Toy Shop Sale (one less)

Can you set up a toy shop?

Can you label the toys 1-5p, 1-10p or 1-20p? (choose amounts depending on how confident your child is with their numbers).

Can you now play shop?

Explain that the shop is having a sale on some of the toys. (keep some at their original price).

Choose some of the toys to lower the price by 1p. Explore different

ways of finding 1 less by counting back using fingers,

counting back on the number line or mentally.

Can you cross out the price and write the new price?

Challenge - What would the new price be if it was 2p or 3p less?