Thursday 11th June

Maths - Counting and adding

Warm up - Ask a parent to say a number. Can you count on from that?

Nursery - Can you find and count the objects?

Reception - Can you find, count and add the objects?

Topic - Changing materials.

In the summer when the weather

is warm it is important to stay cool.

One way to stay cool is to eat

ice lollies.

Why not use these recipe ideas to

make your own!

Observe what happens while you make


Don't forget to eat them before they melt!

Can you watch this episode of Sid the Science Kid?

What happens when he forgets to eat his ice lolly?

English - Listen and Play at the Seaside.

Can you listen to and play along to 'At the Seaside'?

After the story, see if you can answer these questions.

What was the boy in the story called?

What was Tom’s donkey called?

What happened to Tom’s ice-cream?

What else did they eat at the seaside?

What was your favourite part of the story? Why?