Wednesday 9th June

Maths - Buying ice creams - Counting money practise.

Warm up - Roll a dice. Count the spots. Can you say the

number 1 more/less?

Can you count the coins to find out how much the ice creams cost?

If you are unable to print ask a parent to use real coins for you to count.

Nursery - Can you count the pennies? (Page 1)

Reception - Can you count the different coins?

Remember to start with the largest amount first.

Can you read the story again? What different things did they see?




Can you play 'I went ot the seaside and I saw...'? Keep adding 1 more object everytime. After that maybe you could draw a seaside picture of all the objects you might see.


Can use this worksheet to write about what you can see?

E.g. Look! We can see the__________.

 Just like the sentence patterns in the book.

Topic - Sun Safety

Can you make a sun visor to shade you from the sun? Click on the picture for instructions.