Thursday 21st May

Literacy - Characters

Jake and Holly met lots of different

characters in the story. Which character

would you like to meet? Discuss the adventure you would have.

Can you draw or paint a picture of your character and tell me the adventure you are having?

Nursery - Ask and adult to annotate your work.

Reception - Can you write your own sentence.

e.g. This is a mermaid. We are swimming.

Maths - Prepositions

Warm up - Can you sing and play along to the song?

Activity -Can you look carefully at the poster (click to open)

to find all the hidden creatures?

Can you describe where each is hiding?

Ask an adult to read the clues to

identify each creature. Can you solve

the clues?

Topic - Baking!

Jake and Holly met a dragon on their adventure and had a tea party.

Can you make these 'Dragon Tea Party Scones', using the recipe attached and have your very own tea party in the garden?

Clues here!