Tuesday 19th May

Literacy - Reading

Can you listen to the story and see if you can

answer the following questions? The questions get

progressively harder. This is highlighted by the amount of stars in the corner of the question. Please stop when your child finds them

difficult, just simply look back through the book and talk through

the questions.

(Please don't worry if your child cannot answer the more challenging


Maths - Prepositions

Warm up - On, In, Under, By Song

Can you have a game of hide and seek with

your teddy? Ask an adult to hide teddy

for you to find. Where was teddy?

Can you describe where you found him?

e.g. behind the sofa, under a table or on

the climbing frame.

Topic - Describing materials

In the story Jake and Holly met a pirate and took some of his treasure! They took some shiny golden coins.

Can you go on a treasure hunt in your garden and look for some treasures?

Take a container e.g. a bucket with you and see if you can collect the following ...

  1. Something smooth
  2. Something rough
  3. something soft
  4. something hard
  5. something shiny
  6. something dull