Wednesday 20th May

Literacy - Story Sequence Walk

Can you listen to the story again ready to sequence the story?

Click on the walking boot to take you to the information on

how to prepare for the story walk.

Access a picture of the story map here to help.

Have fun!

Maths - Prepositions

Warm up - Have a chair at the ready and play 'Preposition Simon Says'. e.g. Simon says sit on/behind/under/in front/beside the chair.

Can you create a preposition poster?

Take photos of your teddy showing on, behind, in, under, infront, beside an object. E.g. Teddy under the wheel barrow. Teddy in the wheel barrow etc.

Topic - Creative

Using the treasures found from the story, can you make a wizards wand from the stick or a fairy flower crown,

or both?